Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Unexpected Turn of Events by: Kishan Thijm 3-31st-2010

It was a normal day in the afternoon at about 2:40 P.M. in Mr. Kepler’s room. I was writing about “The Unexpected Turn of Events,” when, suddenly, the paper on my desk glowed! Before I had seen a really cool documentary on "the only piece of paper in the world that could glow." It wasn’t made out of paper and trees; it was made out of some alien-outer-space kind-of-thing. Maybe, it was made out of this radioactivity stuff. Wouldn’t it have exploded by now? I was just about to find out.

About a week later, in the newspaper, my dad saw that the one and only "glowing piece of paper in the world" was lost. It was from a secret lab hidden somewhere in the world. The newspaper also said that whoever touched it became invincible.

As my dad said that, I thought,

“Oh! That’s why I was so invincible yesterday. ” I also think that’s why Bimba Shrestha, that guy who fought the obese sumo wrestler, was so skillful and stuff.

Suddenly, everything turned black! I looked for a source of light. I decided to walk around…

“OUCH! Hey, a wall,” I said. “No, a doorknob.” I opened it up and I saw more blackness. It was barely dim, and it was a hallway. At the end of the hallway was another door. Then I ran down there and opened that door. Then I saw a sign that said: Video Game World, and another sign that said: Reality World. I went into Video Game World, but I got knocked on the head by…something.

When I woke up, I was in a video game. I guessed the video game I was in was Super Mario Bros. Nope. It was something to do with Mario and Luigi, anyways. The thing that knocked me on the head was only Shaggy. I saw David and Sam as Sam bravely took that leap from the stairs with his feet tied together.

Wait! What about the only piece of paper in the world that could glow? Who cares?! It’s “The Unexpected Turn of Events” story!

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