Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homework Excuse

Dear Mr. Kepler,

I couldn’t finish my homework because my family and I went to Iowa City on the day you gave us the assignment (two days ago). We needed to go there because we needed white out (for some reason, there was no white out in the shops in Fairfield), a new skateboard for me, a lot of more important stuff, and fun, of course.

When we got Iowa City, it was, I think, 12:05. We were going to eat lunch. When we finished, we went to buy the white out and other stuff. After that, we started home. It was about 8:30. Just then my dad, who was driving, slowed down a bit.

“Why did you slow down, Dad,” I asked.

“Everyone is crowding around that car,” my mom said.

“Let’s find out who it is,” I said.We stopped to the side. A crowd gathered around her. The crowd chanted,

“Aunt Liz! Aunt Liz! Aunt Liz!”

She had a red Porsche (what a priceless antique!) She got out and started yo-yoing so awesomely. What cool tricks! “Aunt Liz” had a pet crazed deer next to her, also doing yo-yo tricks while eating maple syrup from a bottle (maybe that’s why it’s crazy). They must be yo-yo stars! She entertained us for hours (maybe it was one hour but it was still fun!).

After the entertainment, “Aunt Liz” came to us and said, “Why don’t you come to my house tomorrow.” She gave us a card. It said 1, Aunt Liz. I guess she has her own street.

The next day, we went to the house address. When we got to the house, Aunt Liz greeted us and welcomed us in. What a huge house! I’m thinking all this richness came from yo-yoing so well.

You can’t use the bathroom or anything that uses water because the drain that connects all the pipes are clogged.

KNOCK! KNOCK! Aunt Liz opened the door. “Ah! The person I asked on the phone to clean the clogged drain.” The plumber person came in. Then he went down into the basement where all the things connect and functions. While we were waiting, we played video games, games, and more games.

After about two hours later, he came back up from the basement. He said,

“There was a rubber band, peanut butter, and feathers in there. May I join your playing of games?”

“Sure,” we all said unsimultaneously.

“By the way,” Aunt Liz said,” here’s your payment.”

“Thank you” the plumber man said.

After that, we all played more video games, games and games. The plumbing guy was really good at video games. His name is Bob. After that, all of us played soccer. In the middle of the game, we saw a flying squirrel with a moustache eating turnips in the garden.

“Oh! Wow! The rare flying squirrel with a moustache! Its favorite food is turnips,” Aunt Liz said.

“I think we already found that out,” I replied.

When we finished the game, our team won. It was a great game.

After that, we ate played more games, and went to bed at Aunt Liz’s house (she has guest rooms) completely forgetting about our homework (my sister and I).

In the morning, I woke and the first thing I realized was I was in my own house. The second thing I realized was the homework I forgot to do for the past two days.

“Oh my gosh! I forgot to do my homework!”

“No time! Come on and hurry up or you’re going to be late,” my dad said. So much action early in the morning! When I got downstairs, I expected my homework to be in my backpack. But it wasn’t!

“Come on,” my dad said.

Then I looked for the card Aunt Liz gave us. But it was nowhere to be seen.

“Dad,” I asked.

“What,” my dad said.

“Remember Aunt Liz,” I asked.

“No, I don’t,” he replied. Oh well. Then I went to school.

That’s why I didn’t finish my homework for the past two days.


  1. Good job, Kishan! Maybe we'll look at this in class today, and I'll show you some tricks about blogs. Setting them up is a little different than with regular writing.

    You used dialogue very well, and your "voice" is very strong in your writing.

  2. Well done Kishan!
    U have a huge imagination!
    Wow !!
    U Rock!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! very,very,cool:]]]]